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Montauk Beach Property Owner's Association is 73 years old this year.  We took title to what was then known as the "Ocean View Beach" on July 15, 1942 and were incorporated on June 17, 1942. The original plan for our area of Montauk -- as envisioned by developer Carl Fisher -- was for an 18-hole golf course.  Due to the great depression, his plans to make Montauk the "Miami Beach of the North" crumbled. Montauk Beach Development Corporation were the next owners of the property in 1926. The Mirror Holding Corporation who sold 100' x 25' lots for $100 each, subsequently owned the area. The Mirror Holding Corporation eventually became The Montauk Improvement Company, which today is the Tuma Agency.

When MBPOA took title to the Ocean View Beach it also took title to the building below the Montauk Manor known as the Playhouse. Yes, at one time our association owned the Playhouse. When the MBPOA was unable to maintain the building due to the cost of upkeep and taxes, it reverted back to the original deed holder.

The history of our beachfront property also shows that the MBPOA almost gave the property to the Town of East Hampton. Again, the problem was the lack of money for upkeep. However, just prior to the transfer of the property to the town, the deal was cancelled.

The MBPOA was formed so that the deed to the Ocean View Beach could be transferred to our association. For 70 years our association has been the sole stewards of our 34.9 acres of prime oceanfront property. It can not be bought, sold, or given away. Our beach, as deeded, is for all to enjoy all the time.

Because of our unique beachfront rights, MBPOA members should be aware that the value of their homes / property is approximately 20% higher than that of a similar home in almost any other area in Montauk. We are the only homeowners in Montauk who have access to our own privately deeded ocean beach right down the street. MBPOA pays taxes, insurance, and other costs to maintain the property. Our organization is also known for our active civic participation in the Montauk community. MBPOA is always alert to the environmental and other concerns that affect our area and the value of your property.

At this time, our paid membership encompasses 476 home / property owners. This reflects participation by approximately 96% of those eligible for MBPOA membership - the largest active civic association in Montauk.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for the outstanding support you have given this association throughout the years. For new members, I would like to welcome you to the MBPOA and encourage your active participation in our association. With your involvement, the MBPOA and our ocean beach will be a source of pleasure and pride for many generations to come.

Bob Mulligan, President

Early Montauk Beach property offers

One of the members shared this "artifact" , an offer from "The Daily Mirror" to purchase property for as little as $100 a lot.  Bring back "The Daily Mirror" offer please.